Jeb Bush claims Climate Science is “Intellectual Arrogance”

Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush hasn’t been having a good past few weeks.

Between the heavily coveted endorsement from brother ‘Dubya’, statements made about the Iraq War and healthcare, and having to deal with getting his shit pushed in by a Universe of Nevada student late last week; it’s safe to say that poor ol’ Jeb could use a break. But not before he was able to screw himself over once more by opening his big fat mouth about climate change.

In a statement originally reported by CNN, Bush admitted his disgust with the science of climate change and moreover how an almost unanimous community of scientists voicing their agreement on the matter are making it impossible to have a ‘real conversation’ on the matter. I’m sure by “real conversation”, Mr. Bush meant ‘an equal number of dissenters backing up GOP talking points’. It’s probably safe to say Jeb isn’t going to be expanding NASA’s budget should the gates of hell open up and he become President in 2016.

Luckily for Mr. Bush the average republican voter has never been too fond of science unless of course it finds a way to justify homosexuality being a choice, stem cell research being the ‘devil’s work’, or a way to prevent ice cream sandwiches at Wal-Mart from melting in 80-degree weather. As for climate change, the percent that has been able to link climate change to human activity is at a whopping 97%, which by most people’s standards would be considered pretty damn conclusive.

Even with a quick ‘Google’ search it’s not too hard to come up with tons of information relating to climate science, particularly on the NASA website which has various info graphs, statistics and interactive presentations detailing the effect of carbon emissions in the atmosphere; but hey, I’m sure that’s just the work of those notoriously corrupt scientists. Just recently in a hearing on the NASA budget, Ted Cruz made it clear that he was the man for the job when it came to being Chairman for the Committee on Space, Science and Competitiveness, by grilling a NASA administrator over whether it was ‘really necessary’ for NASA to be involved in studies on climate change. Apparently, Ted only likes NASA when they help Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway fly to other planets and he’ll do anything in his power to make sure all their attention is space ward and not inward.

So yeah, I seriously doubt the latest development in Jeb Bush’s long road to 2016 will change the minds of those who are still sitting on the fence over climate change but it’s nice to know where everyone stands on the important issues nonetheless. Plus, when debate season rolls around this’ll just be one more thing Hillary and Co. can cite when talking about qualifications or lack thereof. We’ve got a long way to go folks; so strap in.


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