Thoughts on Anti-vaxxing and Stupidity as we Know It

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Lately in the news, as I’m sure most if not all of you have heard either on social media debates or on television, there has been a serious outbreak of the measles in this country with the number of cases having climbed to over 140 in 17 states. The outbreak itself has been traced to DisneyLand theme parks in Southern California this past December and as you can imagine, has many if not all parents with small children scared shitless. Why are they so scared of a virus that seen 2000 has long considered to be largely eradicated in the US? Well I’ll tell you: it’s because shit-head parents are either too selfish or rather too thick skulled to either have a serious talk with their pediatricians about the safety of the MMR vaccine or they’ve simply been indoctrinated by the crackpot pseudo “scientists” of the world like Jenny McCarthy, who feel it is their duty to educate housewives who don’t have enough to do with nonsensical or illogical falsehoods on a virus they know nothing about. Fortunately for those of us who don’t have small children like myself, the threat of being infected is impossible due to the fact that we had the vaccine as kids like in NY, where having your shots is mandatory. Sadly this year the number of cases rose from little to none to a record 644 in 2014 alone. Which if you didn’t know is a ridiculous and unheard of number.

So for parents whose children were infected in this latest outbreak, you can imagine the thought of having a measles stricken child is a bit of a shock seeing as how we live in a country where a thing such as the measles is considered to be as common as getting the plague. For those of you who don’t know the statistics on the measles, kids who are either too young to receive the MMR vaccination or by lack of brains on their parents part, have about a 90 percent chance of contracting the virus over those who do have it. There is also another category of children who are susceptible to the disease (and this is really fucking important); those kids who are what’s called ‘immunocompromised’, have cancer or would have a serious allergic reaction to such vaccines. You see, kids who fall into these categories can’t get the vaccine and thus rely on the rest of us clear headed adults to be vaccinated to ensure the virus doesn’t infect them. Ultimately it’s like protecting the herd by ensuring that those who are able to get the vaccine do so and don’t end up spreading such a potentially grave virus.

When I was growing up and someone mentioned the measles, usually the adults in the room who were old enough to remember a time before the MMR vaccine would kind of give this look of relief and say something like ‘oh thank god we live in a time of vaccines, you don’t want the measles’, and us kids would kind of look puzzled and go about our business. Unfortunately due in large part to the massive amounts of misinformation floating around the internet and talk radio stations, parents somehow got it in their heads that vaccines were the source of autism in children; an idea that was and continues to  be proven untrue time and time again by experts in the field of medicine. This and statements by various celebrities who for some reason are taken more seriously than those notoriously “corrupt” physicians running about, have allowed for there to be a resurgence in pop-science and ‘natural remedies’ which have been largely demonstrated to be bunk. So for those who question the validity and trustworthy-ness of the vaccine let me quote directly from the Q&A section of the CDC’s section on the measles:

Very few people—about three out of 100—who get two doses of measles vaccine will still get measles if exposed to the virus. Experts aren’t sure why; it could be that their immune systems didn’t respond as well as they should have to the vaccine. But the good news is, fully vaccinated people who get measles are much more likely to have a milder illness, and they are also less likely to spread the disease to other people, including people who can’t get vaccinated because they are too young or have weakened immune systems. – Centers for Disease Control 

So as you can see, yes there is a slight risk of contracting the virus even if you are vaccinated but that risk is only about a minuscule 3% anyway and the effects you’d see would be significantly milder than those you’d see from someone who decided to play Russian roulette with a potentially fatal disease and opt out of getting the vaccine.

It’s easy for parents who have young children now who haven’t had the disadvantage of being around during a time without vaccines to say that ‘the risks outweigh the benefits’ and essentially scoff in the face of decades of scientific research, something which they are neither intellectually or physically capable of comprehending in the slightest. I find all this to be rather interesting in light of the fact that only a few months ago when Ebola was an issue in the states that people left and right were shouting the ‘sky is falling’ and demanding to deport people who are “stupid enough to contract” the disease, yet claim some sort of philosophical or religious high ground when it comes to choosing not to protect others against another potentially fatal outbreak. All I’m saying is to use your fucking head and if you can’t think for yourself and chose to follow the sort of reptilian/illuminati/bigfoot/etc. fear mongering websites out there on the internet, at least think of those around you who do wish to keep their kids safe.

Ultimately, I hope that more states decide to implement a mandatory vaccination code of conduct because this is a serious issue, maybe not for the majority of American’s but for many of the children who do live here and have to endure the stupidity of what should be the judgment of mature and well learned adults. I’m sure you’d expect the same courtesy from your neighbors and community members just the same as you would expect the line cook at your local Jack in the Box not to come to work when he’s sick. So yeah, I know my words are probably going to be read by few and heeded by even fewer who are already of the mindset that vaccines are ‘evil’ and internet voodoo is ‘good’ but hey, doesn’t hurt to help.

Note: Spellcheck says ‘Bigfoot’ should be capitalized but since I’m too lazy to go back and fix it here it is in all it’s glory, uppercase ‘B’ and all.


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