A (Short) Word on Religion

Why can’t people come to grips with the notion that we are alone in this universe. There is no great eye in the sky watching us and moving mountains as it sees fit, we are here because of evolution and luck. Is that so scary? To view one’s self as theĀ product of an evolutionary fluke that occurred, and that we as a collective species are essentially no better than any other creature that has or will walk this earth? Religion has perverted and exploited the worst parts of mankind since one monkey figured out that he could take what he wanted from the other based on what “God” told him. It’s a coping mechanism to fill in the gaps that science was unable to create thousands of years ago, nothing more. Now that we are getting answers to our genetic makeup the notion that we came from two folks in a magical garden holds no water. Revel in your time people, stop focusing your energy on doing good worlds simply for the sake of accumulating enough brownie points just so you can make it past the pearly gates. Life is short and time is infinite, accepting that is the first step to enlightenment as far as I’m concerned and ridding the world of needless conflict and violence that has plagued it for centuries in the name of some fantastical sky god.

(more to come….stay tuned)