McDonald’s continues to prove it’s Just as evil as you thought it was.

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For those of you who haven’t yet heard Debra Harrell, who was previously arrested for allowing her nine-year old daughter to play alone at a park near her job at McDonald’s was subsequently ‘let go’ from her position this week. McDonalds refused to comment on the matter except only to say that they were in the process of cooperating with the local PD’s investigation. Nice McDonald’s…. real nice.

Never mind that Debra previously had been letting her daughter come and play on the family laptop while she was at work. Never mind that their house had also been burglarized with said laptop being stolen and thus forcing her to allow her daughter to play in a nearby park. Oh, and that she gave the nine-year old a cell phone in case of emergencies and to stay in contact. Nope, because the law is the law and ‘fuck poor people’ who are stuck working dead end $8/hr jobs to make ends meet and support single parent households. It’s the single mothers who are paying for it in the end, not to mention the children they care for, and meanwhile it’s the courts that are ruling in favor of the law to the point of insanity. Society has a real disconnect from this type of world and goes under the assumption that a parent who is at work all day to support their young children ‘doesn’t spend enough time with them’, but one that forgoes work to do just that is a welfare bum who is cheating the system. It’s really disgusting and it’s this type of animosity that the 1% instills in their supporters who wake up shivering in the night with the fear that somewhere, some unemployed ‘bum’ is making a quick buck off the system. I’m not sure when it happened but somewhere along the way, people in this country went from having the desire to ‘help to poor’ to the ‘fuck that deadbeat’ mentality.

Luckily, Debra was able to get her daughter back with the appropriate courts still looking into the incident and keeping an eye on the pair. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of McDonald’s actions, who felt it necessary to deprive an already economically stretched single mother of a steady income. Here’s hoping that something gives in this case and the Harnell’s can move past this deplorable act.


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